Monday, 27 June 2016

Raising Children Means Letting Them Go

Raising children means letting them go , our jobs as parents is to prepare them for the world so they can function without us. I think the biggest challenge is preparing yourself for that separation. Now I'll admit to feeling overwhelmed at first by the size of University but oh my what a fabulous setting . University I think is one of life's starting blocks and they come out racing from the moment they start. 

It was a full on day looking at York University; we were there for the Archaeological department at Kings Manor. 

We were treated to a fabulous lunch , I also has an Orange kit Kat which I'm assured is part of your 5 a day . There we as also fruit available at lunch , though I'm thinking offering us real oranges was some thought of initiation test !!. There were tons of talks from welcome to York University to as I mentioned looking round the areas you wanted to study to student life and what that entails !. Apparently at York University there are hundreds of societies from the "Taylor Swift Society " to "Humans versus Zombies " which comprises of students wearing bandannas if they are human and bandages on their wrist if they are a zombie and they shoot at each other with Nerf guns!

We looked at the student accommodation and it wasn't at grim as I though it would be , its actually like stopping in a a very nice hotel ( not quite 5 star ) but a reasonable 4 star and as they encourage you to get out of your room so you don't sit their and wallow its not a problem. University life is full of opportunities and I noticed there was even an opportunity for him to get a part time job if he so wished . I am thinking Betty's tea room that would make me very very happy and I think I would be up to York every weekend !

All this visiting is thirsty work and I was glad that I took my Robinsons Squash'd in my handbag to liven up our water during the day , a little squirt goes a long long way!. There is real fruit in every drop and with my son drinking so much water I am pleased that that Squashed is free from artificial colours and preservatives also no added sugar. The Robinsons range includes two new flavours, Orange & Peach and Lemon & Pink Grapefruit . 

And with my doing a lot of sport it's important that he drinks regularly to stay hydrated , my husband helps out do he's running round too. I work in a school so I'm outside a lot so I keep a drink with me as obviously I have to do a lot of talking ! 

Robinsons Squashed

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  1. Exciting times ahead for son - York is an amazing city! Handy little bottles of juice there too x

  2. You are right - our job as a parent is to ultimately make ourselves redundant! It's good to hear from parents at the 'top end ' of it like you - about to launch your son into the world to stand on his own two. How exciting! York is a beautiful city with a wonderful student culture, I bet he loves it there!

  3. Great to hear how you got on and wonderful pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  4. York looks like the perfect place to go to uni, and of course keeping hydrated is important too.

  5. How exciting! It looks like a beautiful place to study!

  6. This post is so poignant for me today, my 8yo has gone to London for the day with school and I tried so hard not to dull her excitement being an over-worried mother. I am seriously clock-watching today!!!

    As for your son, York is a great choice, one of my favourite places :)

  7. I know that's what we do as parents but I want them with me as long as possible ;-)

  8. York University looks lovely. I think I'll be quite excited for my two if either of them decides to go too uni as none of our family have been!

  9. It is so hard watching them go out into the big wide world. Good luck to your son at university

  10. I remember visiting York when I was 18!! Such exciting times. Good luck to your son. xx


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