Sunday, 28 August 2016

Qualities and Traits I wish my cats had !

I love cats.

I love nothing better than tickling my cats tummy lovingly and expecting a purr in return only to be engaged in a vice like grip which I struggle to get out of , I cautiously pull back my hand and retreat to the house. I join my husband on the sofa and Jack just jumps up expecting his sweeties ( cat treats ) and with my husband intently watching more than likely some sport the cat lovingly nips his toes as he feels he is being ignored.

Now it's not only Jack that joins in with this nipping of the toes, we have found that Rollie has joined in with this annoying habit to ! they both have no problem high fiving my husband once they've got his attention and he's holding the treats. So I wish that Jack and Rollie had a quality of patience and not just expect things when they want , I say this as both of this have been doing a circuit of the house all day , which involves them going out the front door and out the cat flap and repeat x lots ! As owners we have probably made a rod for our own backs but I tell myself the exercise of having to keep getting up to open the door for the cats is good for me !

My sister in law has just embarked the kitten journey again with the lovely Lucy , we've all met Lucy she's a whirlwind bundle of fluffiness. I am definitely going to recommend that my sister in law watches this very fun and informative videos from Whiskers ! The main focus of the channel is to educate owners on how to care for their kittens and I love the mock university setting of it all .

My sister in laws lovely new kitten Lucy ( who is very playful! )

Rollies reaction when you ask him to do something !

Jack in play mode !

I think that my son would wish that jack and Rollie had a more playful trait  , Rollie does invite you to tickle his tummy but then runs away as you approach! Rollie can fit in with any environment he is the master at adapting when he wants!

Rollie thinking about being more patient !

While Jack will only play with a ball etc if it is within a paws radius ! in a nutshell he gets us to do all the work ! a very cushy life. Even though I have had cats since I was a child, I am constantly learning about a cats needs especially as my 2 are getting older Rollie is 7 and Jack is 8 and a website such a Whiskers is useful to me to help keep them happy & healthy.

Cat ownership is a joy , I wish these videos had been around when Rollie and Jack were innocent kittens shimming up my legs with theirs claws!

I certainly would have sent them to Kitten Kollege !

Rollie as a kitten !

I think Rollie will have the last laugh don't you !

“This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.”  


  1. Haha cats just never comply do they?? My little Jamer was literally the perfect cat for our family but she still drove us mad sometimes with her little quirks. That photo of your Rollie as a kitten is literally one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  2. Ha, cuties! Love how crazy and unique they all are. Adorable.

  3. At least ours don't nip our toes - I must be thankful for small mercies.

  4. I adore the Rollie camouflage photo! None of our cars are very patient when it comes to dinner time but with 4 to feed in 3 different places some-one will always have to wait and so we get yelled at! I love the way all cats are all so different but all tend to do what THEY want rather than what we would like them to do! Thanks for adding some lovely felines to #AnimalTales


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