Saturday, 10 September 2016

Preparing Your Child For University

I think training your child for university goes something like this 

"Mum I've got the ice cream out "

Silent pause 

"Mum can I have Ice cream please "

See I've just got to cut out the middle wo(man) so I said to my son 

"Why don't you after you've got ice cream out , why not scoop it yourself ?"


There you have GCSE cookery and won't scoop out his own ice cream ...

But if you think about it , really hard and deeply it is clinging onto that last bit of helicopter parenting before they head off to university next year. I've never been a real helicopter parent I mean I was the one who unceremoniously dumped them at Beavers whilst they were crying and said to my husband 

"Let's leg it "

I think that style of parenting is called cave wo(man) parenting where the child battles for their survival .... 

And my son he's survived ~ he turns 18 next week so I've done good :D

But he'll be bringing his washing home from university as its £2.00 a wash £1.00 to dry ! that's if he's more local !

Any how's preparing your child for university starts at the welcome talk ~ they can be underwhelming and you would be fogiven for thinking at times you're at a 1980s wedding venue !

All it needed was for Kevin Bacon to leap up and start dancing !!

" Everyone cut Footloose "

But 1980s underwhelming type venues give way to departmental talks and you know they've made the right choice in their subject. And that's the important part knowing they've made the right choice and helping them analyse it all .

And when my son goes next year to university , I'll still be ready to scoop his ice cream . It's his way of saying I think 

" You're my mum , forever my mum"

Excuse me I've something in my eye .


  1. My daughter is 18 next year - she still hasn't got a clue what she wants to do! I've never been a helicopter parent though. We dumped my step daughter in a motel on the Sunday before her moving into halls day on the Tuesday and said bye in the motel car park. She moved into halls in a taxi! Work needs called and she survived - graduated this year :) Good luck with your son. Alison x #brilliantblogposts

  2. this makes me chuckle. my daughter attended the dental school in Glasgow for three years, 1 bus ride, a walk to train station, a train to Glasgow and just over a mile walk to Dental school. Even at 17 I had to go with her, she said it was too far to go on her own. Withing 6 weeks of visiting she went to Droitwich by public transport for a job interview and subsequently took a job down there, then went to uni in Exeter - kids can be strange creatures.

  3. Aww, what a lovely post, it's a while until mine will be 18 (my eldest is only 8!) but I think I'll be part excited to see what they choose to do and part terrified! x

  4. This has made me laugh out loud, thought it was just me into cavemom parenting!

  5. This was a great little read!! I've a while until my two turn 18 I'm slightly dreading it I like them this small!!

  6. Hopefully it's not ice cream in your eye. Loved reading this:-)


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