Thursday, 13 October 2016

Keeping Your Cats Amused While You Are At Work

" My human  has been leaving the radio on for us cats , now I quite like listening to the sport on 5 live ! I'm pretty sure I could be the next England manager . Well you human beans have not being having SO much luck , gave you now ?!" ~ Jack

"I on the other hand have a refined palate and love listening to Classic Fm while sitting in my elect shoe box , my human bean buys shoe to feed my box habit which I happily ignored for 7 years . Just because I am a cat doesn't mean I sit in a shoe box form the word go " ~ Rollie 

Cats are pretty good at amusing themselves really , as they do what they want when they want., to be honest they are probably having a rave up while we are out to work and school at the minute.  As you know lately I have had to work full times as a Special Needs teaching assistant lately ( which I do really enjoy ( rewarding hard work). Cats do spend a significant amount of time sleeping and unlike dogs they do not require lots of stimulation and entertainment whilst you are out.

Nevertheless it is important to make sure your cat is entertained and stimulated in some way as no one likes to be bored least of all a cat .

So firstly I have ordered a treat ball ( which by its name is self explanatory ) they'll have to share this which will be character building and will help towards any conflict issues .

I did choose a blue ball for them ( there was a pink option as well , they are very gender neutral in the toys and bedding they have * they have pink blankets ( well they were cheaper )

And I choose a springy cat toy thingy that no doubt will delight them , it sort of looks like a Haggis with a spring shoved up its bottom ?

Who knows


And they'll be able to play also with the cat toys they received recently as part of a cat lovers gift box.

I'll get no meow of thanks and they will probably just sit in the box the cat toys come in anyway .


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