Friday, 28 October 2016

Letter To An Autistic Boy , A Letter To Owen #Autism

You see these letters in social media about the kindness that has happened to those who have Autism or the families of those who have Autistic family members , and you think that will never happen to me. it is almost as if the situation can't or won't happen to you but me assured that it can and it will and it did. Here is the wonderful thing that happened to be on Tuesday the 25th October.

Dear Owen

I was just waiting for my train home.

I was quietly waiting in the heated waiting room on York station just content in my own little world, my phone had just run out and someone else was hogging the only socket in the room. And you know what Owen I am rather glad that the socket was occupied otherwise how would I have known the wonder of you.

I was sat far away from anyone , yet you came to sit next to me you were wearing your ear defenders , you were with your parents and little brother Jonathan. You spoke to me it wasn't quite politically correct

"Hey red neck lady "

I didn't mind , you mum quietly and told you patiently that that wasn't politely , you called me it a few more times and again your mum spoke to you softly that it wasn't polite.

Then you started speaking to me about what you were doing there , what you were there to see , about every train that ever existed in the known universe. I sat and listened and talked back to you , your mum apologised to me I said

"That's Ok I work with an autistic child , I didn't want to presume that your son was autistic "

The mum said that was fine.

She explained to Owen that I worked with a boy like him and he was even more engaging.

The boy told me his name which was Owen and I told him mine which is Claire and we must have spoke for a good hour on and off , which included conversations with his parents and little brother Johnathan.

Owen didn't like the noise of the outside due to his Autism but his delight at the train and the steam trains was a moment in time that will be etched on my memories forever.

I learnt more about myself in that hour that I think I ever have , Thank you Owen .

Thank you for the wonder of #Autism and how it can not be a negative situation to engage with .

I hope you Owen and your family have a wonderful life.

PS I now know more about trains than I ever did before xx


  1. Owen picked just the right person to talk to, many people would have moved away or ignored him. I'm sure you helped to make his day out seeing the trains extra special

  2. I think many children with special needs have a radar which helps them to find people who are kind and understanding.

  3. That's such a lovely letter, and a worthwhile experience x #SpectrumSunday

  4. I agree with the above; he picked the perfect person to strike up a conversation with. I think we autistic people have some sort of antenna, that tells us who is "safe" or a "friendly" and who is not. I know that I feel those "vibes" very strongly. I think it would be neat to know you in real life :) #SpectrumSunday (author of The Silent Wave blog) :)

  5. What a lovely encounter - it doesn't take much to listen, appreciate and learn x


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