Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The confidence Of Self

The confidence of self .

It's a busy start to the week , I've already had to add a PS to a solicitors letter :

" Ps sorry there's holes in the letter , my cat was having a bit of a angry moment "

Yes you guessed right it was Rollie.

My cat Jack has finished sulking at me finally , it was a mystery as to what I'd done wrong but then again cats are so fickle .

Last week I was so confidant then I started to crash in confidence towards the end of the week , problem upon problem was sneaking up on me . I screamed at the universe , and shook my fist but not the arm that had had the tetanus injection in it as that hurt like a hurry thing 

" sharp scratch , you'll not feel a thing" says the nurse with the huge needle 

" liar , liar pants on fire " I say in my head.

I felt as if I had taken the pill in the matrix ~,the one that leads you to the matrix !!

The weekend was my chance to relax and unwind 

Sometimes I feel the grip of life running away from me , it's as if I'm a kite in the wind , I feel a twang of sadness that I can get to my blog as often as I'd like . But then I start to write a few thoughts on my blog and the words at first stumble out , rush out , flow out , are thought out .

I only know myself through the words I write .

I received a gift off a colleague of a hat that's like my cat ; best hat ever in the whole wide world . There's nothing better in this world than a bobble hat , I think everyone needs a bobble hat in their life . So when I find my smile slipping I'll put on my bobble hat and give my head a little shake .

Coming home to warmth and a cup of tea then settling down to " Neverending Story " while Mr T and J are out at rugby.

You really must watch "Neverending Story " it's the most heartwarming film that really does give you that warm and fuzzy feeling . And I feel safe when I watch it it's as if I am 12 again safe with my books far far away from the school bullies . Films are wonderful and I am typing the last bits to this blog post as I watch through the gap in the door ( I am typing from the Mac now as my iPad has run out of charge )

In the words of a song  "Be young be foolish , but be happy "

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