Sunday, 20 November 2016

Welcome To The 2 am Club

Welcome one and all.

Welcome to number 347658 of the parenting handbook of what do when you teen hits town when they're eighteen , and so much more . You'll hold your parenting cards , and your teen will hold their "I've come of age cards "and you'll both have your poker face.So starts the time they'll roll back from town negotiations , on a side note perhaps they should look to us to handle the BREXIT talks ?

You are reminded that 20 texts are not needed.

You remind them to not to make it sound like the end of the world has occurred in their text leaving your mind to go into overvdrive.

The cards are shuffled once more .

And even though many teens have been to town in ages gone by , you feel it is your parenting right to offer on the mantle of advice .


I know 

Don't mix your drinks 

I know 

Avoid trouble 

I know 

Time you need to be back 



2 am 

So as your teen heads off into the night ...

What about your coat ?

I don't need it ....


So you head off to Tesco to fetch a bottle of wine for your night in , you stand behind several other parents who give you that look that look of transition .

2 .05 am

SO where are you ?

A brief explanation and you don't settle till that key is turning in the door .

I don't think boys are easier than girls , well I can't say as I don't have one but I think boys have their struggle as much to find their independence as girls do .

This parent can parent and I'll still continue to parent .

Just I'll be doing it after I've been and got my wine .... 


  1. Aagh! I'm dreading this stage! Because just because they're adults, they're still your kids! My son goes to the occasional party at a friend's house until about 10, but parents are in attendance and I don't think there's alcohol there. I'm not looking forward to when it steps up to the next stage.

  2. Oh yes, I have had a few of these stand offs. It is so hard and even when they start driving, I think it is an even bigger worry. They do need to find their independence but it doesn't stop you worrying ever

  3. My mum always said it was hard, but I feel like it is only now, with kids myself that I can begin to project forward and imagine how it will feel.

  4. I used to be terrible, A lot of nights I wouldn't go home and I didn't spare a thought for my poor mother. I hope my kids don't give me such a hard time x

  5. Oh well done you. I'm dreading this stage of parenting a teenager and having one of each I know full well it will be the pink variety that causes the most trouble; she always has and I know it won't ever change!

  6. I am dreading this stage with my boys. I left home at 16, o never put my parents through this. I also have no one to ask advice about it!

  7. I have been at this stage for a while now and have another about to enter least I will get a brief break before we start all over again with the little ones


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