Thursday, 3 November 2016

What's The Point In A Cat ?

It was last night at approximately 10.14 pm I asked myself this very question.

What's the point of a cat ?

I asked this question to my husband who let Rollie out the door , only  60 seconds later to let the blooming cat back in again, this is after Rollie had shredded the doormat. Poor defenceless doormat , it wasn't a fair fight at all and it sadly is loosing the will to live.

What's the point of a cat ?

I ask myself , what's the point of a cat who won't commit to sitting on your lap ( maybe Mr T who is  the holder of the sacred cat treats ! But instead comes and stares at you from the opposite arm chair ..

You see my point don't you now ?! what's the point in a cat ?

What's the point in a cat who doesn't play with the toys that you've brought it? instead you have to play cat buckeroo instead !

What's the point in a cat whose eyes are constantly staring into your soul at every eye level , you're met with saucers of wonder ...

What's the point in a cat who creates a barrier between you and your kettle , knowing forewell you need that come of tea before you open that sachet of cat foot that will get ignored at ( and the one you've bulk brought at that )

What's the point of a cat who judges you from the outside in ?!

What's the point in a cat ?!

Maybe this is the point of cat ?


  1. There appears to be objects sticking out of the cats neck in the last 2 pictures. Is the point of a cat to be a magicat?

  2. I dreamt mine had a litter of bkack kittens last night - sadly that will never happen. I sometimes ask myself the same question when I need a cuddle and Coco runs away, they're always on her terms lol☺️


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