Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Faith Is Keeping The Ship Steady

Today's blog post is about keeping the faith , how you keep the faith may be very different to you , I'm not on about religious faith I'm in about keeping the  faith . If you wish to include religious faith in there that's fine also , keeping the  faith is what I've been doing a lot recently .

I've had some talk days recently where I've had a wobble or two but I think of my anxiety as a ship , sometimes there's a mutiny and the crew runs amok , other times the crew is wildly optimistic having been at the ships rum. One day the ship might let in water having run aground but the crew patch it up and we keep sailing , there could be a battle or two resulting in you losing a leg ...

And so I keep the faith , I keep saying how I feel though sometimes I am  screaming into a paper bag when people put on their bossy boots. I couldn't get by without my friends and I'm a very shy person who feels overwhelmed by everything and nothing at the same time , life you see is very much like a banana it's trying to see if you can handle it all in one go.

For the past 2 months I have felt like myself then I haven't it's been quite the condundrum at times , but like Alice in Wonderland I seek to do 6 impossible things before breakfast one of which might be pleading with the toaster not to burn one side of my toaster . I might mutter under my breath to the toaster I dare you I blooming well dare you ..... 2 minutes later .... you lousy piece of technology . I keep the faith and the next day the toaster is perfect .

" Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to " miracle on 34 th Street

I feel like the train Casey Jr on Dumbo who struggles up the hill "I think I can and going down the hill chants "I thought I could "

I know it it rather twee to think of life in sleeps but it is only 8 seeps till I break up from school and let me tell you I am really really ready for it , we are a hard working staff and we do our very best for the children. I am looking forward to recharging my batteries ready for the New Year , we all know that the month of January is actually 2 moths long but you know we will get through it  ... we will keep the faith .

So in the words of George Michael  "'Cause I gotta have faith"

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  1. Faith in all of its forms keeps me going too. I do rely on knowing that God will take care of me and I agree that there are other ways to keep the Faith. Love the picture of the Ship mutiny. Sometimes, my Faith slips too and likening it to a mutinous crew in the head is helpful, I think. Faithfully and fatefully, Veronika


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