Monday, 23 January 2017

How Would You Start Your Novel ?

They say that there is a novel burning inside of all us just bursting to get out and this is something I have thought about , perhaps not entirely about writing about a book , I mean what on earth would little old me write about . I write I blog but I don't suppose I can stretch to writing an inspirational high living pat on the back book resulting in all those book awards and being on all those chat shows * note to self get your hair dyed and nails done , ditch the Minnie mouse socks and bobble hats . Otherwise I would be be looking like a character out of an Alan Bennett play ...

But perhaps that would would be my mystique naturally surreptitiously I would have have to a nome de plume ( gosh doesn't than sound better than a pen name , I have always thought that a lot of things sound better in French . Look even the humble pea sounds romantic 'petit pois' , you purse your lips to say it  . Yes all the attention seekers would be out to say how they knew me at school how we played marbles , how quiet I was , eating my packet of wotsits away from the bullies , wearing my bobble hats , lost in the library with my nose in a book , only a handful would know the real me . Those who knew me really would know how kind I was how random I was how me I was , never one to compare myself to others.

I have been musing long and had over this , had a hissy fit and all that Greta Garbo hipster millennial touchy feeling mumbo jumbo.

SO here is my the opening line to my novel the one that I haven't even written yet , the one that I am writing this blog post about .

"The 3 seconds as I poured the milk on my Weetabix were the best 3 seconds of my life .."


Disclosure other similar products are available they aren't quite Weetabix . The Weetabix is my own purchased at a rather nice supermarket I mean you wouldn't purchase Weetabix at a horrible supermarket would you now ...


  1. My opening line was "I was driving my skip delivery truck through the marquee when....."

    1. I mean my opening line "would be" not "was", I've not written the blimmin thing yet.

  2. I would start, Silently, she waited .......

    Now you are all intrigued aren't you? :)

  3. Mine would be: They all thought she was an uninspiring stay at home Mum who bakes choc chip cookies, but she was a ninja.


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