Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sharing To Care

You might think sharing stuff on line can leads to all sorts of problems but it really does depend on what you are sharing , now you have to be careful on line as it can lead to problems but do it right then you will have a support network that you never thought you had.

2017 is I think is all about switching it up and striving forward.

I was ill in December nothing new there loads of people are with various and fevers and it was a fever that I had which went on my chest .. blah blah  you get the picture. I was pretty much run into the ground not taking care of myself as I should I was in the circle of just plonk the bread in the toaster drink tea and roll out the door literally for work ( white bread at that ) neither was I drinking much water I was running on  tea vapours .

Fastward to blood tests a week before Christmas with a non feeling nurse ( nurses DO do brilliant jobs )

"Well if you've difficult veins you should have gone to hospital "

Cheers  I thought as the vampire drew 4 phials of blood out of me gritting my teeth into a false smile as she sucked the life out of me !

Then I pushed it all out of my mind , I went to Warner Bros Studios , had a super duper Christmas , yes I still felt tired but just thought it was the tail end of a very busy term. So went I got the phone call saying I needed to ring the doctor to book an appointment I went on an all out panic as I was on my own when I received the phonecall. I got the doctor to call me back and he thinks it could be X Y or Z there is something bubbling on an autohumine level.

Worse case Lupus with Cress .

I've a vitamin D defiency .

But I'm not alone , I've a support network obviously at home but also on line .

You're never alone you've just got to find your niche and mine is my blog.

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