Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Help Keeping The Family Healthy

I have had a roller coaster of health recently , I am a regular at the doctor and hospitals and I don't even get a Peppa pig plaster when I have my bloods taken ( the meanies ) I won't dwell on the negative of my health but instead the positive . One of the things that did discover was I wasn't deficient in Vitamin D I was insufficient  which means basically I was needed some topping up.

There are various ways that you can top up your vitamin D if you're insufficient and one of these is a multivitamin , and when the doctor told me I was insufficient I did admit to having some multivitamins in the cupboard which he suggested I immediately started taking. Another way of getting your Vitamin D is to get out in the sunshine which isn't the easier in Winter in the UK but hurrah today is the last day of Winter which can only mean more sunshine at some point ! I am getting low on my multivitamins so I shall take the opportunity to buy some today.

Foods that provide vitamin D include:

  • Fatty fish,like tuna, mackerel and salmon
  • foods that are fortified with vitaminD,like some dairy products ,soy milk and cereals.
  • Beef liver
  • Cheese
  • Egg Yorks

So with this in mind it has also given me a chance to overhaul my diet , I have knocked chocolate on the head for the minute though I did have some rice cakes with chocolate chips in ! I turned down cake only yesterday when I went to a vintage tea shop with my friend , she was utterly gobsmacked at my will power !

I do love my tea !

And we are all getting more exercise , my teen is always playing rugby now at adult level  ( I must admit when I saw the size of some of the players I did think oh my goodness ) Obviously they have all been getting their fruit and veg intake which has now shot up to 10 a day . I do like in particular to go for a walk and take pictures as I go along , yes the walk does take longer but I love to amble in a contemplative way.

Yesterday I had planned to do a seafood risotto only trouble was that I had no risotto which is a major stumbling block when you want seafood risotto!. So instead I used cous cous and with cous you must flavour it so I used some chicken stock along with 2 roasted peppers and carrots. I used mixed crab meat and some prawn for a lovely heart meal combined with some crusty bread. This was all ban of my meal planning and meal planning allows us to be more healthy I think as a family as we can see what we are consuming.

These are just of the ways to get my family and your family healthy , and keeping my teenager healthy is very important especially as he heads to University later this year. And it not just the humans I have to keep healthy it is also the cat Jack and that is more important than ever at the minute as he lost he best friend and our best friend Rollie last week . And he is understandably being fickle with his food at the minute as he is grieving so we are going to have to change his food in a attempt to get him to eat more . I am doing this under consultation of the vet and Jack will have to go in at some point if his eating continues to give us concern.

Jack Black the cat 

This is a collaborative post.

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