Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Little Positive Changes You Could Make

It can jolly cary how I feel I admit with anxiety and depression thrown into the mix , I might not put my words as eloquently as some but I do it my own way and that is good enough for me . And that's one of the things is admitting you are good enough , we are all different it would be jolly boring if we were all the same. I mean honestly can you imagine 2 of me , there's enough procrastination in the world and not enough tea drinking, I don't count tea drinking as procrastination I count it as me time .

Get yourself a note book 

I got a couple of these at Christmas thanks to a blogger secret Santa , note books can be fun in them list perhaps the jobs that need doing it might not all be achievable but it's a start. Factor in a treat , rest for yourself for me you guessed it would be drinking tea ,  It is not a case of timetabling your day it is to help you feel a sense of achievement and yes some of the things you write down could take weeks of months to achieve , so this is why you limit what you write down.

I have a real problem applying myself and I easily get distracted and wander off to do something else and keeping a list is hopefully going to keep me on task.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To 

Giving yourself something to look forward need not be a budget buster , it could cost as little as 10 p for example : I brought myself a Flump the other day and for me it is a little bit of joy and a bargain at only 10 p , though long gone are the days when I get a load of Strawberry Bon Bons for 2 p .Book a holiday for instance I'm going to Rome and the planning alone is mind boggling but enjoyable , it doesn't have to be stressful as the further in advance you do it the better,

Regret nothing or try not to as it is a time stealer . Your time your happiness .

Find Like Minded People 

It can be hard to make change in your own ~ 

Many hands make light work 

Doing stuff on your own is very much like going into the kitchen to get a sandwich and just coming out with a tin of beans , without help I'd default to always coming out with a tin of beans .

Take my road for example , people you'd think are busier nowadays but when a neighbour needed help with an excercise bike as her husband can't get out due to an illness , it was my husband and son that went across to help. It was the neighbourly thing to do , people just do things with no expectation it's a instinctive kindness . 

I try and protect myself from big big meanies , I have a thing well a personality trait  which means I can't tell if someone is joking or just being a big big meanie , I'll be honest if they're being mean it can wound me for days . I find myself mulling over the situation which is not good for me as it's a mood alterer so when I experience something of late , I sought friendly advice from people I know and trust . Now of course I'm still coming to come across irksome people but I'm going to imagine them as a big fluffy ducky wearing a top hat.

Meal Planning 

Meal planning I hear you cry how the Dickens is that going to help me possibly ? It's the routine factor currently I'm working my way through one cookbook then I'll move onto another. I'm having a whale of a time cooking and experimenting .....


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