Thursday, 2 March 2017

Are You Guilty Of Saying I'm Just ?

Are you guilty of saying" I'm just ?"

I know I'm guilty of this ! An example is is me saying "I'm just a teaching assistant ! , not a teacher "

Well as I've been told this is complete and utter tosh , of course I'm more than " I'm just "

I'm a teaching assistant which means I'm a teacher and a whole host of other things , it's really important not to do myself down , which means that you shouldn't put yourself down.

I mean if trees could talk would that say "I'm just a tree" ?


No they wouldn't as a tree is so much more than just a tree .

Just think of what a tree does for us humans asides from looking atheistically pleasing , it gives us oxygen , provides animals and birds with a home.

My husband had been known to hugs trees , I've yet to hug a tree , I mean I've stroked the tree bark ~ I like that.

Today I'm just above water ~ no I'm above water and doing amazingly well .

Yesterday I just had a anxiety  attack and it felt like an elephant was standing on my chest and hula hooping at the same time . No I had a anxiety whilst I thought I was calm ~ it's life funny at times .

On Tuesday I'm just going round to my friends to have my nails done and anyone who knows me knows I'm the least girly girly I know . I'm going to have my nails done at a friends and anyone who knows me knows that this is s big deal for me socially.

Next time you're about to say I'm just ~ stop 

You're more than that

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  1. Yes I think we are all guilty of this one. I am "just" a housekeeper if patients want medication or a hand to the toilet - things beyond my trained responsibilities. I am "just" a housekeeper who will happily spread your roll or cut up your meat, or pass you your glasses, as a decent human being that one is well within my scope.
    But I am not "just" a housekeeper I am a valuable member of the team and the hospital could not function without people like me. A trained Doctor could not do his job in a filthy hospital. A trained nurse may be a bit busy but when I am in a six bedded room making beds or cleaning I can have banter with the patients and cheer them and myself up because I have the time and the reason to be in there.


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