Monday, 13 March 2017

Why The World Needs Rubbish Jokes

Why the world needs rubbish jokes !

Did you hear about the painter who needed anger management?

He was having trouble dealing with his emulsions....

What's Boy Georges favourite food " Korma korma  chameleon "

These are but a few in my repatoire, I'll not be going on the comedy circuit any time soon , if I start telling a decent joke then there is something wrong drastically wrong. The world needs cheese the world needs unscripted fun the world needs me.

Did you hear about the Mexican Carpet fitter ?

It's all about the underlay underlay ...

I've yet to stroll into the realm of knock knock jokes but I'm jolly well going to have a think on them ~ you lucky people ! I blame my humour on a myriad of reasons but it's my humour and I love it and feel that it truely is one of the things that keeps me sane and for me that's is key to help me managing my depression and anxiety. I don't want to take tablet s and that is my choice and my choice alone. Humour can risk us from the darkest of situations , I love for example Monty Pthyon I've really lost count of times that the Knights of Nee have rescued me from a sad abyss.

Humour has to grab me , others can be rolling on the floor in tears as something has tickled them something rotten and I'm just " I just don't get" . I do have a sense of humour bypass a majority of times and can't get many a type of humour but give me say the Goodies, Monty Pyhthon, The Fast Show , The 2 Ronnies , Fawlty Towers , Ealing Street comedies etc and I'm sniggering away with the best of them. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time and that I'm actually older than my years!

Humour is personal but humour is also collective .

My husband likes Miranda where as I don't , I think it's blooming awful and I was secretly relieved when the series ended , neither do I like Michael Mcinytre but as I said humour is personal and it's also collective . As a family we enjoy Lee Evans and it has us howling and crying laugher tears.

So you see the world needs rubbbish jokes and the world very much needs me.

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