Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My Blogging Reality

I have always blogged reality and will continue to do so there are times I do think. But I'm not like so and so but I soon shake those thoughts away. I have actually been blogging for 6 years now and I am still enjoying every minute , blogging has brought me friends though it has also brought me some right rum moments but I have come through that . I am honest in my blogging for that is me and if I wasn't honest then this blog wouldn't really reflect me and my life. I have written before about my love of blogging , yes I have had a few times I have loathed it but that because I was trying to keep up with the blogging Jones's and that really isn't me.

If you are thinking of starting a blog then do it , you can really blog about anything and there is no time frame or deadline unless you agree to do something for a company or guest post for another blogger perhaps. You don't have to blog everything otherwise it can feel as if you are not in the moment and blogging can overwhelming . To make it less overwhelming for myself nowadays I will perhaps take a picture of something that I am doing or places I have been and maybe blog about it at a later date. The same can be said for cooking the other day Mr T made an awesome Shepperd's pie and I didn't take a picture of it nor did I blog the recipe ) it had those wavy lines on the potato topping and everything )

None has the right to likes on a say a Facebook picture I really have seen people wound up about why they haven't got as many likes as someone else . I like my Facebook to be organic and not contrived.

I love the little conversations blogging throw me into and I feel that it real even though I haven't met all the people , meeting people through blogging does in a way put the cherry on top of the online friendship.

I love how I can talk about anything on line and people chipping in, I am inspired my others and in turn people are inspired by me ( I am not presumptuous ) . Batting ideas off each other and being a sounding board can really help people.

Last night for example I followed a Nigel Slater recipe and though it wasn't completely to the letter as I only pepper so therefore I had to adapt it. I tweeted out my version of the recipe to Nigel Slater himself , I hadn't expected a reply but he did. He is a very affable chap and said it "looked delicious " and that has filled me with confidence to keep on going on with my cooking. You see social media can indeed be a very wonderful thing you just have to handle it as social media is like a dinosaur it just needs herding and taming .... impossible it may sound but impossible is so much more fun...

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