Wednesday 14 June 2017

The 90's nostalgia

The 90's are back in full swing in this household , thankfully Mr T is not I repeat not wearing his shell suit ( we really can be thankful of small mercies. )Myself and Mr T hail from that decade hell I was still at school in that decade and left school in 1991 , I was married in that decade had my son in that decade ( ps I was married to Mr T ) .There was many a faux pax of fashion in this decade and the hair oh my the hair , I think at one point I looked like the lovechild of Jon Bon Jovi.


The teen is spending many a long day studying raiding the fridge and shuffling back to his bedroom all in preparation for university life. We aren't even really experiencing ' Kevin the teenager ' either , we never really have ( not much ;-) . He's even used his mobile to check where his house keys were then subsequently found them whilst we were talking.

The teen is working his way through the entire seasons of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air  " which he thinks is absolutely hilarious , this is the series that was started when I was at school. My this is a complete retro shuffle ! , to think I was at school in this decade , got married in this decade and had my son is this decade is mind boggling.

The 90's were cool ,are cool and will forever BE cool I hope to high heaven if I am ever shuffled off to a nursing home they will be singing 80 and 90's songs. We are assembling a long long list of programmes that the teen needs to watch .

What's my top 90 's films to watch before anyone goes to University?

1. Lost Boys ( yes it's the 89's but still !) 

Teenage angst and vampires what more could you possibly want ?

2. Silence of the Lambs 

Beware of people beating a nice bottle of Chianti

3. The Shawshank Redemption

4. JFK

What 's not to love about the intrigue surrounding who was responsible for the death of JFK.

5. Aladdin

Everyone would very much love to have their own Genie to grant them wishes !

6 Matrix

7 Groundhog Day

8 Flatliners

Edge of your seat thriller drama !

9 Seven

The 7 deadly sins are actually that !!

10 Toy Story

Purely magical ..

In another blog post I'll talk more about some other films I loved in the 80's  and 90's but I can't leave here without mentioning the Crystal Maze especially as yesterday I found the retro vintage board game in a charity shop. I would have loved to be a contestant running run solving the puzzles although I suspect I would have been the one that was left locked up.


The Pramshed


  1. I think you and I are of a similar vintage! I remember being so jealous of all my friends in their shell suits, but my Mum was just not giving in... I am actually really grateful now! Wish she had been stricter about my hair at the time though! :D

  2. Brilliant blog/articles .
    Possibly same age ish as me .
    I had a very tragic shell suit found the dreaded photos last night omg

  3. Ahh! I loved the 90's....They were my teen years!
    My teen is watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air too...She loves it.
    Great film choices. I feel so old saying this but films were better years ago. hehehe x

  4. This certainly takes me back. I left school in 96 and the fresh prince of bel air was one of my favourite shows, I also loved every single one of these films. We also have cats called Bill and Ted and have just introduced our son to those films x

  5. I loved the 90s!!! I've recently been introducing the teens to some classics (most have gone down surprisingly well) Couple of your list I've not seen though, must check them out. Thank you for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG


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