Wednesday 7 June 2017

I said "Good Morning" You'll never believe what happened next !

I said

"Good Morning "

You'll never believe what happened next ...

Yes that's right I got various "Good Mornings " back on twitter - amazing in this age of pumping out the content. Saying "Good Morning " particularly on Twitter is the retro equivalent of playing Frogger on social media. I feel as is I have explain Frogger basically it's a game where you direct a frog to cross the road ~it's kamikaze. Health and safety would have a absolute fit as there is no sign of a safe crossing anywhere.

Will I have as much look as I say " Good Afternoon "?

Time will tell and I will back in about 3 minutes to update this blog post , I haven't had this much fun since I discovered a Freddo Frog in my coat pocket and you know how much those things costs nowadays. OOOh the anticipation is killing me ....

Update ...

I said

"Good Afternoon " and not a dicky bird but that's probably because it it wedged between a blog post titled "Here's one you missed " or "What I wore to the park " where none of the park is actually featured.

You know all those other tireless adverts that pop up to fill ever cavity of the internet ..

"You'll not believe how Cruise ships fill their ships "

"She looked gorgeous then but it's jaw dropping how she looked now "

There is no expectation to reply to a greeting no expectation I mean I do have better things to do with my life than worry if someone is going to reply to my hellos, afternoons or evenings . The world won't stop if no one replies a little sad perhaps as you'd hope that there life beyond the sponsored content or reviews and don't get me wrong these are great in their own right but it can be overwhelming. I think this is why I love to write about anything an idea can just spring into my head and I will write about it and this is what happened when I said ..

"Good Morning " on Twitter.

I think somalia media is good although you have to be careful as it can be like a drug , you can find yourself looking for the next hit if you are not careful. I write on a whim and on a hope and on a dream * sort of sounds like a rousing speak from the film "Gladiator " ...

I don't let myself get bogged down by social media nowadays I have been there and got the t-shirt and blogged about it ~ I rise like the proverbial phoenix from the flames go and FYI I have never been the subject of Mumsnet expect that post I wrote about "Gnome Knickers '

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