Thursday 22 June 2017

Signs That Your Cat Has Overtaken Your Life

Signs that your cat has overtaken your life :

You are the last one to bed because you are letting the cat out the front door even though it has a perfectly functional cat flap , then you are still standing at the door because 30 seconds later the cat now wants to come in.Well they never sung the song  "Who let the cats out ?" because that very same person as I mentioned let the cat in again 30 seconds later.Cats have reputations low matienance pets but anyone who has actually has a cat simply knows that this isn't true they infiltrate your daily life by stealth or just plainly in your face /personal space type (cat)attitude they are are aloof powerhouse of fur and claws like a four legged mafia.


Your cat may develop a drama queen attitude and suddenly just flop down like Woody out of Toy Story demanding you tickle their tummy but then running away and repeating the sudden flopping down. They say when a cat does this it is at its much relaxed but seriously I think it is some sort of exercise routine for us human beings !

A cat will meow at you but it is with varying degrees of of loudness a cat says meow

you say

"I know "

other times they will just sit at their foot bowl and you're like

"What do you want  ?, tell me ..."

And you just get stony silence and the death stare of aloofness.

Your cat will eat before you , it is the unwritten law of a cat owning you , you did now that a cat owns you right ?! Seriously don't even sit down to eat before feeding them because they will literally be in your face judging your every guilty bite that you take. Your cat is a gourmet and will not like the expensive cat food that you brought 10 boxes off because they really liked it last week . This is a new week a new trend in cat food is out there and you didn't know , well shame on you !

Nothing belongs to you nope even your house your cat owns that why as mentioned in the first paragraph do you think you open the front door for them !

Your cat takes up more room that you could actually think was possible , your cat will be spreading themselves out like 18th century corpulent French landowner ( pre French Revolution) . You can and will find yourself marginalised to a small corner one of a cats hashtag I think is #thuglife .

Obviously there is no hope for me as obviously my blog is centred on my cat ( the blog started around my late cat Rollie ) and now I have Jack left but he is still overtaking family life, indeed they are taking over the internet still.

Least a Goldfish won't take over your life ....

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