Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What To Take To University

What to take to university

You'll be amazed that people have actually taken washing machines to university! I know that the washing at university is a bit of a rip off but still ! We have been teaching the teenager life lessons this summer ready though he did question as to why we made him mow the lawn !

University room- You are give a desk chair and a mattress

1. Duvet, duvet cover, sheets, mattress protector (take a few of each)
2. Pillows, pillow case
2. A  rug to spruce up your room a bit
3. Cushions
4. Decorations to make you feel more at home within reason .
5. Photos and blu-tac
6. Scissors and Sellotape (Something that was always in the teens bedroom )
7. Laptop, phone, chargers, camera
8. Door-stops (good for being sociable!)( but makes sure valuables are locked out of the way !)
9. Books, films, speakers
10. Wallet,purse, cards, ID, important documents etc
11. Messenger Bags (essential c for nights out!)
12. Posters to brighten up your bedroom ( Imagine Dragons poster I think will make it to University)
13. Clothes (and coat hangers)- suitable for winter and summer! 
14. Sunglasses (an essential to cover up those massive Freshers eye-bags)
15. A TV make sure either or your parents pay for the TV licence ! 
16. Clothes horse (or another variation of the word depending on where you are from!)
17. Stationery and books
18. Clothes basket
19. Ear plugs. Prepare for a few sleepless nights
20. Medicine (paracetamol is a Fresher's must)

What else you you need will really depend on your course my son for instance will be doing an archaeology course , I was wondering what he needed so I went and asked the archaeology department on twitter ( #trendyparent = teen cringe ! ) 

As an archaeology student the teen is going to need (according to the very nice archaeology student department ) a good pair of work boots/sturdy walking boots and good outdoor clothing , he needn't worry about anything else as it is provided by the archaeology department. Outdoor clothing just doesn't just mean a nice water proof coat, it means a good pair of work jeans or shorts as the teen will be on a dig quite possibly come next summer. And Engelbert Strauss does a great and affordable range of work wear which will be suitable for this purpose and will be long lasting especially when every penny counts for a student as you have to be frugal.

Last summer we went round countless universities investigating the archaeology departments at one university we even went to a lecture on the history of Chickens. I am not bothered about the teen going to University as he will hopefully be going to York where there is the worlds most famous tea rooms in my opinion Bettys.

So this summer we will be doing loads of shopping for going to University ! 

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