Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Freshers Week University A Parents Eye View

Dropping your child off at university is akin to dropping them off at school for the very first time only more expensive. I'm having to jump over piles of bedding, plates ccuos spoons and goodness knows what else. I think there's a tick list in there somewhere if only I could find it.

Tip 1

When you go through the items you're buying for university do tick them off or you're be wondering if you really did but those washing up sponges.

You're not going to need a car at university unless you've a genuine reason to have one and anyway there is limited parking . Everyone usually cycles everywhere so make sure you get either a bronze , silver or gold standard lock and get additional bike insurance. Not the teen dies not know how to change a tyre let alone mend one this is where the university comes in as they will have a cycle maintaince workshop. There are usually other bike incentives such as being able to pick up a brightly coloured bike jacket and tag that alerts bus drivers to your presence.

Tip 2 

Get additional bike insurance there are usually good deals around to be had.

Do subscribe to the university YouTube channel to get all the information about what cracks off , your teen will be amazed at your knowledge or horrified.I've just watched a YouTube video on freshers week so I know which clubs my teen will be rolling out of. There was some history and culture in there too which is good as my teen is doing an archaeology degree with science.

Tip 3

Do subscribe to the university you tube channel of the university where your teen is going.

I saw a tip about helping your teen deal with potential homesickness when they're away at university and the tip was Snapchat update s from their pets. Yes really but even if you don't use Snapchat then it's a quirky way of them staying connected with home.

You could subscribe to one of those university subscription gift services or just do itself and you'll save many pennies. You could send them sweet treats and many of essential goodies very often the things we don't need are the things we truly need.

Tip 4 

Prepare a tuck box of essentials to send them every so often including photos and family/ pet updates ~ including gossip of course.

Do go over Freshers week information with your teen even if they roll their eyes and say they already know.They're probably still feeling overwhelmed from the sudden enslaught of information since A result day.
Make sure you have scans of all the documents that's they will take to university just to be on the safe side.

Tip 5

Relax they're going to have the time of their lives.


  1. This could be us next year. *makes notes*

  2. Loving the snapchat pet idea, will surely work w unigoers... I get those from hubby when I travel away as otherwise I miss my furbabies :)


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