Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Cat In Time

Cats can be moody and irritable just like us humans at times and this morning as I entered the kitchen to make my essential cup of morning tea the cat exited through the cat flap. I’ve not had the best few weeks myself with anxiety and perhaps the cat has picked up on that. It is not a quick fix for myself and I’m sure the cat and I will be in tandem again tomorrow.

Tomorrow in cat terms is the rustle of a food pouch and there your friend appears all purrs and smiles . Do cats smile , I do know that they smirk especially black cats as you can’t see their mouths.

Black cats are a rip in time as they look like a hole to another dimension perhaps that’s where they go and get the positive energy from. I am no cat professor but I think that’s a pretty sound theory not in the realms of the late great Stephan Hawking but somewhere on the scale maybe ?!

I can’t find my cat again today do I’m guessing he’s on a mission for positivity and I’m all up for that.

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