Friday, 9 March 2018

Cats with Whisker Stress

Cats with Whisker stress it isn't a cat that is stressed with a certain brand of cat food but more a cat with sensitive whiskers 

I had noticed Jack dropping his food on the floor and far from being fickler picky  I thought that something else had to be going on and thats' when I came across whisker stress. Whisker stress means a cat could be sensitive to their whiskers touching the sides of their bowl.

Some common signs of this sensitivity are:
  • Scooping the food out of the bowl onto the floor
  • Taking a few bites and walking away and then coming back
  • Leaving the bottom or side layer of food in the bowl most of the time
A simple solution to reduce or eliminate whisker stress is to switch their food and water dishes to flatter, wider-style bowls.

And I know that I could just put down a saucer but Jack is an older cat and I believe our pets deserve to be treated with respect in their older years.

I tried ordering a bowl off Amazon but it wasn't what I wanted and for the money I just knew something better had to be out there , Jack didn't need fancy bowl personalisation I mean cats can't read can they although I am pretty sure they can when I try to give my middle class cat a cheaper brand of cat food.So after scouring the internet I came across the Oblik Lordly Puss bowl which is art in a cat bowl and as well as helping to relieve whisker stress it also aids with good posture and we all know good posture is part of good manners.

Yes the cat bowl his £12.95 and yes the delivery was £2.95 but I think my cat is worth it and it is a bowl that will last.

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