Thursday, 17 May 2018

Vlogging With A iPhone 8

I learnt a new skill the other day at a Three discovery store and it was a skill I didn’t possess as a blog and that was my ability to do a video . Doing a video was usually the domain of my husband and yes he’s comfortable with doing that and I wasn't comfortable at all in front of the camera.When you are thrown into something sometimes you have to run with it and I was grateful to Three discovery store for the opportunity to learn a new skill.

I suppose my husband could have shown me how to use iMovie but you know how it is sometimes when its your nearest and dearest you don't always necessarily listen wholeheartedly! This is maybe also why when my husband tried to help me learn how to drive he practically had kittens and slapped more L plates on the car then I had ever seen in my life.

It was super easy to get to the Three discovery store in Islington just one stop on the Tube to Angel from St Pancras and I do love St Pancras with all my heart she is a grand old lady but a truly decadent age.And I am so happy in my heart that new life is being breathed into her with hotels and champagne bars and the like , oh if I could only go on the Orient Express from there.

I met some truly inspirational people at the event ( there was 4 of us ) we were paired up originally but I went my own way as I aim just learning this craft.We were using IPhones 8 which is the same phone as my husband has it is his new phone as well I dropped my phone down the toilet a few weeks back so I had his iPhone 7. I didn't think it was quite fair that I should be the one that got to have the new iPhone 8 even though it is an awesome phone.

You don't necessarily have to establish yourself a vlogging identity unless you really want to crave yourself a niche in the world of Youtube maybe but perhaps just to do quirky videos of family trips etc. I am shy and I am am very hesitant to talk to camera but I will do in short bursts I think its the fact I don't like how I sound on camera.

iMovie is super easy to download from the App site and big bonus is that its free and its here you can either create a movie or a trailer , I think its really funky and I have created a few trailers myself inspired by the day my trailers are of my family trips!

So I challenge you to have a go with I movie and see what you can do and you don't have to speak if you don't want to you can use captions. I love learning new skills and you can never stop learning.

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