Thursday, 28 June 2018

Family It Is How It is Written

I have been quiet but I like the quiet I am finding truth in my own thoughts again and I really do like it and the adventures I am having and the choices I am making and oh doesn't it sound like a AA Milne Winnie the Pooh story this.But that is just it I want the innocent life and yes I know it has the twists and turns but I want and need to be me again without the

"Are you better  ?" questions ( as that really really does my head in )

Well yes yes I am when I look how far I have come and where I was.

Adventures I love adventures and you don't have to go far for the most fantastical and wonderful adventures and we have been revisiting some of our National Trust haunts now the teen is back from university. He is unburned now by study and essays and is swinging back nicely into family living and joyfully the food bill has gone back up but that is the wonderful thing about families.To know you are altogether again and to know that you're family still for no matter how far apart you're you are still family.

Raising a family is like crafting with magic you throw everything into the cauldron and hope for the best and you parent to the best of your abilities , I don't think I have ever been the draconian parent . I once tried to stop my teen when he was very small from going to football for something minor he had done and he simply answered:

"How can you stop me doing something that I love  ?"

Damn kids being smart and having a mind of their own and gosh isn't this just the sort of fearless attitude we want them to have in life ( being polite of course )

We are a unit again and we all have are own tea mugs and I have mine very clearly marked as my mug is from Ryman and is "C is for Claire" there is no clearer message whose tea mug this is ! I do love my tea it is a true love of mine and I am so so passionate about my tea. I ‘d go total bananas if I can't have my tea and that reminds me now the teen is home we have run out of milk and I must go and fetch some.

And to help keep track of my blog posts and anything else relate to my blog I have a note book as writing down any ideas has to be done there and then. I love my blogging and it has brought me many wonderful opportunities for me and my family, I love notebooks they are so extremely tactile a sort of stationary cat if you will ( ps I love cats as well ) And I love this personalised notebook that comes from Ryman as well it is so so pretty and it is all mine.

And what notebook is complete without a personalised pen  from Ryman again with my name on it so there is no arguments to who the pen belongs , and there is nothing finer than the written word either from a much loved Grandad or the wise words of your then 16 year old teenager

So if you are on the look out for personalised gifts then may I suggest Ryman as I am ecstatic with the products they went me for review and with some special birthdays coming up I know where I will be looking.


  1. I'm a stationary fan myself and I found myself admiring that notebook when you tweeted a picture of it earlier today.

  2. I always love some new stationary

  3. Aw. Sounds nice, to have your teen back! And that personalised stationery's fab.

  4. Ooh I love stationery, I didn't realise ryman had a personalised range x


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