Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Just Blog For Yourself

Blog yourself don't listen always to the supposed blogging law that is spouted out at times.

That’s why I’m happy to blog as I do when I feel and say what I want and when I want it.Refreshing is it not to be yourself and to be lost in how you feel and how you want to blog.

I’m not a blogging anarchist that’s like a rock star throwing the television out the hotel room.And anyway you can’t as the window have those safety locks out.

Blogger ~ influencer who cares what the title is ~ blogger laureate for all I care.My blogging gives me a platform for how I feel and how I write is how I write.

And I’ve blogged twice in a day and if I want to blog more I will ! It can be as many words as I like or gasp no words.

As I love my photography it really is a passion of mine and I like nothing better than tootling out to take pictures.

I don't place myself above anyone else neither no I perceive myself to be the fountain of all blogging knowledge I know what I like to blog and I do it. Blog what you love and you'll find your fellow tribe or those hop share your passions in what you do and what you say and even will debate against you in a balanced manner.

Be yourself in all and everything that you do !

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