Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Why Travelodge Has Lost Me As A Customer

I think my travelodge staying days are well and truly over and hello Premier inn. We stopped at Ferry Bridge Pontefract (Ferrybridge) in May over the Bank holiday weekend for 2 nights.It is at a service station nothing flash just cheap and accessible for York where our son is at university.But the fun started when we got back and my husband got a parking ticket.And we couldn't understand it at all as we knew we hadn't broken any rules or regulations. 
You see when you stay at this sort of place you enter your car reg onto a computer within the Travelodge so you don't get a fine, SO you don't get a fine from the parking company ( as the parking is privately owned)
But something went wrong and my husband got a fine so much wrangling to get it sorted as your first response is to pay it so it goes away. But we didn't as I am tough as old boots when it comes to matters when I know we are in the right.
We thought it was all sorted and maybe we would have stopped there again despite this hassle we got an aolpogy and sorry from Travelodge it wasn't us it is CP plus parking blah blah.But if it a known problem then it should get sorted asap even if it means the Travelodge staff ring Cp plus with the reg !
But today my husband rand and we have another ( excuse my language ) another bloody fine to sort out.
I am trying to get a full refund of the stay now from Travel lodge and get this other fine squished.
I think have more chance of finding a pole dancing Dodo then get a refund from Travelodge
I know after wrangling the second fine will get squared again but it isn't on especially after Mr T  is out of hospital.I fell like I ma fighting in the trenches to get my money back for a stay that in the end turned out to be rubbish because of the parking fines.Customer service shouldn't be hard and it should be complicated you know we like companies that goes you know what "we are sorry we will try and endeavour that this doesn't happen again "

It as not as if I am demanding a silver service tea service from a butler every 5 minutes it is just a basic hotel stay and basic shouldn't mean you are entangled with other issues.Of course Travelodge has the right to reply but I am not getting anything other than stock evasive replies till now, I will update this blog post as and when I get anywhere.I feel as if I am not only fighting for me but for everyone in ensuring that customer service is exactly that a customer service !

Update the second fine has been squashed but Travelodge will not move on granting me a refund for the room.

I feel like I am fighting in the trenches to try and get my money back for a stay that turned out to be rubbish.Customer sevrice should be hard and it shouldn't be complicated and it is not as it we are demanding a butler tea service every 5 minutes while stopping with a budget hotel.I am not going to get all gun ho on my page as i have done that on my own personal one.But it's the little things that count and how a company deals with not only you but other people speaks volumes!

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  1. You have put me, and I suspect, many others, off Travelodge. Thank you for the warning. Now, please can I put people off Flybe? We had a 17 HOUR flight delay with them. Even after sending a registered letter with our claim enclosed they are denying ever receiving it!!! We cannot proceed with taking our claim further until we hear from them as to what they are going to do. It's all extremely frustrating.


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