Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Recovery From A Breakdown

I’m 4 years into a recovery from a breakdown and I’m doing ok , I’m a survivor! You might think that I should be more than a survivor that maybe I should be recovered completely .I think everyone deals with mental health in their own way and I am one that deals with that.

Time is very much the healer and 4 years on through the passage of life I’ve been hit with anxiety but I’m getting through it.Having good support around you is key I think either through friends / family or through your doctor ( it is a postcode lottery it shouldn’t be but it is ) 

Finding something you enjoy does helps you and I very much enjoy my photography and travel .I get twitchy feet if I stand still to long as I need to be capturing the moment.And though I have been off work since March I am planning to go back it is only dinner time with kids as a midday supervisor  and it isn't really a just only to have any job is a good thing.I still really miss my time as a teaching assistant but as a level1 I had to make way for restructuring and budgeting such is life.

I do have have an autism assessment in September and I am sure this will help me further either way , I do think I am autistic some where along the spectrum but I do not see it as a hinderance in either telling you or finding out.We are in a more open society nowadays and I am one of the lost generation in terms of diagnosis.

DO I feel I will be treated differently if I am autistic no I don't well leave I wouldn't expect to be treated as such.

It is hard enough to write this as it is there for all to see and absorb but in being open I do hope in doing this it will help people to go for that autism diagnosis if they wish , to go and get that help with anxiety and depression.

DO remember you are never alone reach out talk and keep talking ...

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  1. You are doing great!!
    Good luck with returning to work. A midday supervisor is a great job. My friend is one and loves it. It keeps her busy and it's a little extra money & good luck with the autism assessment. We are in the middle of my youngest being assessed. Autism or not it doesn't change you as a person it just opens more doors to get a little extra help. x


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