Monday, 24 September 2018

Gentle As Jam Me and My Autism

The other day I thought of a phrase as it was "Gentle as jam " and that very much describes me and I am that I am gentle I am kind I have a righteous indignation. Oh and I have Autism I have had it all my life and only an official diagnosis since Thursday , and I don't even a T short or a badge to the club.It doesn't mean I have Rain man abilities trust me , I have yet to come across the questions "like you don't look Autistic or everyone is a bit on the spectrum "

I don't see my diagnosis as a prejudice ye there might me prejudice out here but I will deal with it as and when and if I come across it , there is so much support out there if you want it. I am going to carry on being me I am still Claire who likes Tea, Cat and Bobble Hats and it is refreshing.

When I was shunned years ago when things when wrong for me in the blogging community and elsewhere is one of those things and would I want friendship back from those people who didn't know I had Autism well no I don't think I would. I understand life enough to know we don't get on with everyone and that's just so and what it is .If life was how we always wanted it to be then I would be drinking tea in a museum surrounded my cats.

I am clever I Am bright I am me and I have the social skills of a a tea spoon but I do follow rules mostly and I thinking being British and Autistic I do not mind queueing ~ weird eh . I throw grammar rules quite frankly out the window well because it is part of my Autism I think.

As I am only 4 days into being diagnosed it feels like very much like I am the whale falling through the sky in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

I can hold a conversation though I might get overwhelmed I will be able to tell you this , I will give eye contact on occasions and more so if I really like and trust you . It is not going to stop me doing things I just need to plan to anticipate and humour is my socialising you might not always get it my humour is really an essential part of me. I do feel empathy I will feel especially sad if you spill your cup of tea , forget crying over spilt milk cry over spilt tea.

I will go to blogging events and don't be afraid to invite me places and I will review stuff and I will write about things , I am still me.

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  1. Autism doesn't change who you are! You are you with or without the label.
    We are in the middle of my youngest being assessed for it. If we are told she is Autistic so what, we've known her for 11 years without a label so having one isn't going to change her. It will just give her some of the extra help she needs in school and life.


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