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Zenflore To Help With Stress


I have been trying Zenflore for a month let me explain what Zenflore is.

“Zenflore is a new probiotic; it is one of the first ‘psychobiotics’. It contains 1714-
Serenitas™, a bacterial culture which increases the activity in the areas of the brain 
associated with emotions, learning and memory, and also reduces the level of the 
stress hormone, cortisol. The 1714-Serenitas culture in Zenflore has been shown 
in clinical trials to activate areas of the brain that are associated with emotions, 
learning and memory and to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. 
How does it work? The unique probiotic strain in Zenflore works by becoming part of 
the gut microbiota which plays a role in the dialogue between the brain and the gut
known as ‘the gut-brain axis’. The gut-brain axis is the 2-way dialogue between the 
brain and the gut. Its main job is coordinating brain and gut functions, by 
transmitting information from the gut to the brain, and the brain to the gut. The 
vagus nerve is the physical link that relays the information between gut and brain. It 
is the largest nerve in the body, outside of the spinal cord.
• Approximately 80-90% of nerve fibres in the gut run from the gut to the 
brain. Evidence shows that the bacteria (also known as microbes) in the gut 
can influence the way the gut and brain communicate.
• The bacteria in the gut produce more than 50% of the dopamine and 90% of 
the serotonin found in the body - these are neurotransmitters which can 
affect mood and feelings of happiness and pleasure."

Those ‘gut feelings’? They’re real

"Most of us have had 'gut reactions’ to things in our lives; 'gut feelings’ about people or events. But a growing body of research is showing these may be more accurate than we could ever have imagined. 

While most people are aware of the crucial role gut bacteria plays in digestion with studies linking the microbes in our large intestines to everything from allergies to immunity to weight, its becoming increasingly acceptable in medical and psychiatric thinking that our gut flora can influence our mood and stress levels too.

Indeed, three years ago a team of researchers at University College Cork found that people who took a probiotic containing a strain of healthy gut bacteria for four weeks performed better in stress tests than those who took a placebo. The group taking the daily probiotic – which contained the strain bifidobacterium longum 1714which is the same one that is in the new Zenflore probiotic pill - also reported less anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their saliva than those on placebo.  Thefindings, which were published in 2016 in the journal Translational Psychiatry, add to a body of research linking the performance of our brains to the bacteria in our guts. 

Such studies show a consistent theme coming through of a potential role in stress, anxiety and possibly depression played by the influence of gut bacteria on the brain, says Paul Enckprofessor of medical psychology and head of research at the department of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, University Hospital Tübingen, Germany whose research focus is psychophysiology and neurogastroenterology.

The world’s first targeted probiotic for mood, memory and stress

Indeed, while there are many probiotics on the market, Prof. Enck explainsnew strains are now being developed for specific purposes.  Probiotics were once marketed as a one-size-fits-all. But now, because there are so many different strains of probiotic bacteria – all of which do different things – certain strains are now being studied and developed for different purposes. For example, one strain called Bifidabacterium longum 35624(uniquely found in Alflorex) has been specifically developed and researched for its effects on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), with a large body of published data showing its effectiveness in helping alleviate IBS.

Regarding mood effects the strain bifidobacterium longum 1714has been developed and researched at the University of Cork specifically for its effects on the brain. Called a ‘psychobiotic’, it was launched this month as an over-the-counter probiotic, Zenflore which comes from the same stable as Alflorex.

Prof. Enck explains “For brain effects, the bifidobacterium longum 1714 has the most research behind it and has been the subject of a number of trials that show it can help what scientists call social stress – which refers to how well we respond to stressful situations.

Other convincing studies have shown the same probiotic strain may also have a positive effect on memory. While other strains have been studied looking at their effects on the brain, the company responsible for the research and development on bifidobacterium longum 1714 has taken a pharmacological approach, by rigorously testing it in three phases.

Such psychobiotics may have a role to play in everyday mood regulation,’ says Prof. Enck. ‘They’re probably not going to be as effective as central nervous system drugs like antidepressants but they show promising results especially for people with milder forms of depression or anxiety.

You have another brain in your gut

So, how can what’s going on in your gut have such an effect on your brainThe gut is home to your enteric nervous system, sometimes referred to as the 'second brain’ and that is where some 90 per cent of your body’s serotonin - a feel good chemicalused by the brain - is made

But we’re still only at the very beginning of research into how this 'gut-brain’ axis works, according to Dr Enck.   He points to the likely pathways through which your gut health has a direct influence on your mood.  “There is a nervous system in the gut and this nervous system communicates directly with the brain. Anything that happens in your gut has a direct effect on your brain.

One theory is that the vagus nerve – a long, critical nerve extending from the abdomen to the brain – acts as a neural highway for chemicals made in the gut to get to the brain.  In other words, chemicals that the microbes in the gut secrete could switch genes on and off in the gut lining, affecting the brain.

We also have our largest immune systems in our guts too,’ he continues. ‘This also has a direct connection to the nervous system of the gut.

The third way the gut is essential to the health of our nervous system is in the way the state of our gut bacteria impacts every biological process in our bodies, especially our brains.  Bacteria help our digestive processes by taking the foods we cannot digest such as fibres for instance and breaking them down into chemicals and nutrients we can use for metabolic processes such as brain function, says Professor Enck."

Zenflore, which contains the unique strain bifidobacterium longum 1714, is available from or Amazon and costs £29.99."

People are so busy nowadays alerting and updating the world to their every waking move without taking stock of what is around them.

I have been relaxing more of late as well I think it is very important not to compare yourself to other and it is something I have inclined to do. I find my own joy in things from a simple cup of tea to a blackbird lovingly singing in my garden , I think it is so important to appreciate what is around you for your own mental well being and stay of mind .Also being more relied and mindful does help you sleep better and sleeping well is something I do have an issue with.

And I’ve felt more rested since I’ve tried it and comparing to when I haven’t taken it I’ve noticed a difference that's not to say I haven't worried but I think it has been a kickstarter after a very stressful year.I only tried them for 4 weeks but I have seen other blog posts where they have taken them for 6 weeks.

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