Wednesday, 23 January 2019

5 Things Life Has Taught Me

As I was out walking one day I overheard a mother stressing about her child getting muddy , they were dressed appropriately and it was a damp squidgy day as only a January can be And i thought thought it is just a bit of mud don't stress there is more to life than a little mud.Life is captured in moments and they are beautiful snap shots in our lives.So a spot of mud in your day isn't really going to end the world and the child concerned was not exactly covered head to toe.I do believe in positive reienforecemnt it's ok to get dirty its ok to explore it's OK to be a child ! mud is mud and it is the adventure of life that is the all encompassing important rule in life.And who doesn’t love splashing in water !!

1. Age really honestly is just a number and it’s a journey of learning and reflection for if we didn’t do this we wouldn’t be human.We learn as we get older and getting older is a privilege and each day I try to enrich my own life and that of other people.Age has taught me to be happy in my own skin especially now .

2 If you’re in a mood it’s really imperative not to fester because of rule 1 it’s the opposite of fight club it’s a calmness. It is not twee and I’m not instructing you to do yoga or eat kale.Listen to your favourite songs / music walk outside and this includes even if it’s raining or snowing.Places matter they makes us feel alive and are an an escape when we are feeling stressed.

3.Be part of your own art masterpiece by going outside I can’t stress enough the importance of going outside.You not only connect with people but you can also commune with nature.And again I refer back to rule 1 and as ever rules are to be broken and I’m never one to do anything in order .

4 Don’t feel guilty for bringing yourself joy , people can be a judgey bunch of so and so by design- call it a design flaw.

5 A problem shared is a problem halved is so very true and we must never stop sharing .

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  1. I love this Claire! I especially agree with the one about going outside. At this time of year, spending time outside is the one thing that makes me feel better and stops me from struggling with the Winter.


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