Monday, 18 February 2019

Happiness Pioneer

Random acts of kindness should be part of your every day life and not just for one day.I  try and do this each and every day in either deeds or words , kindness doesn’t have to be expensive .From holding a door open to someone to giving someone your all day bus ticket you hope along the way that your kindness continues on. And I am loving the random acts of kindness that have been bestowed upon myself form simple messages of support to a tea and cake with a friend.On Friday my random acts of kindness was giving a cup of tea to a homeless person and giving my all day bus ticket to someone when i no longer needed it.

To put a smile upon someones face is priceless and I know if they're happy then I am happy , the world is complicated enough without people adding the complexity of not being kind.To be able to smile makes me truly feel on top of the world and when people are unkind to me then I feel as if I am a knocked down bowling pin.

I love the way my photography makes me smile because I have a unique view upon the world what I see in my minds eye I take with my camera , I see the world like no other and I am glad of this.I love to bring the wonder of the world in my photography and I am not going to hide it away.I like to think of myself as a happiness pioneer , I know I have had a very trying time of late but I want people to see my smile and know that happiness can be found again.

People often worry that you shouldn't write about sad times and  know I do but I like to balance this with the good times to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel however long that tunnel is.Everyone has a right to happiness and everyone has a right to help everyone get the happiness they deserve , life isn't a rehearsal you must live everyday as fully as you can.I struggle at times to put how I feel across and I think it is part of my autism .I am a very good friend and I will be the best friend anyone could ever wish for for I am so kind and caring.

I have a happy outlook on the world so I am going to endeavour being a Happiness Pioneer now and always ...

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  1. good for you, a little kindness makes a big difference in the world. I pass on car parking tickets that I have paid for if there is time still to run.


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