Friday, 29 March 2019

How I am Coping As A Late Diagnosed Autistic Person

How I coping with being a later in life autistic person I think ok except for a few extenuating factors which are out my control.

What happens when you lose yourself in a murk of a situation that's beyond your control a situation where you're not just being left alone where it a a very close to home issue , it is hard but I am wading through treacle and the moment and I am clutching back control.The situation is not going to go away but I am the one who says what is acceptable to me , I don't mean to be evasive but it is a family situation and I was on the brink of absolute collapse.

Even if I wasn't Autistic I would find the situation very hard to cope with , you see when you're autistic sitautions can overwhelm you and clog your sensory processing you simply don't have the energy to think , move or breath you're swamped.And of late I am have snapped and I am a very calm person but when your buttons are pushed and pushed you reach that point where you say no more I need to be me.

And on the subject of being me I have so missed the funny me the serious me the humorous me the whimsical me in a nutshell me. Myself I love being me and the though of being me again fills me with absolute pleasure as now I feel kiddy as a kipper though that situation is still there like and I can't control that.

What I love about me is the ability to be me and I’m very unique indeed, I’ve got to not key thing drag me down and that’s easier said than fond of late.

What I do absolutely love is the ability to talk to people on line I truly think it’s one of my life lines.And people messaging to see how I am is very much appreciated and it doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed.

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  1. Keep being you Claire. Hope things improve so you can feel slme stability again x


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