Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Problem With Tea And Cats

It’s been a bit wizard of Oz here with emotional whirlwinds all the place but I’m hoping to come down to Earth now .I think it’s going to take a while for me to settle down and get my sleep back on track not that my sleep pattern has ever been what you call normal.But you know something isn’t quite right when you wake up at 2 am thinking now where did I put that bottle of antibacterial cleaner .Do not fear I’ve not morphed into Mrs Hinch in my sleep.

I’ve cleaned some windows so now I can see clearly ( not song lyrics ) I’m trying out some stardrops white vinegar spray .Dont worry I didn’t clean the windows in my sleep , I actually did that this morning.Actually having some sleep does revitalise you and you take on a new zest for life.

I can now climb any mountains and my mountain is currently my knicker mountain.It is warts and all in this household and also it’s life meeting you full circle when your university son tells you to check his jeans pockets before you do the washing. I continue to issue parent instructions like eat friend and vegetables.

Cats cats cats what would we do without cats our lives would surely be a lot more dull.Here is Jack looking like I’ve just asked him for a massive bank loan.

Ooooh and doesn’t my new lamp match my cat oh so very well and it was a bargain for £6.95 from a charity shop ( the lamp and not the cat )

It’s now time for a cup of tea the only problem is that I just can’t seem to move thus is the problem of tea and cats!

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