Sunday, 29 December 2019

Gentle Determination Of The New Year

You don’t need social media to tell you how to live , you don’t need social media to push those New Years resolutions to the forefront of your mind.You don’t need to aspire to more followers on any social media platform , you don’t have to worry if a social media follower runs away.Gentle determination going forward gathers much more momentum than any pouting duck faced celebrity will tell you whilst posing in a infinity pool some where hot.And anyway I can’t swim or pout which is probably a good thing let alone subject myself to a itsy bisty nothing there bikini.

Your social media your space but just without the fanfare of declarations.

I’ve created a list of the best drinks in the whole wide world , I can’t speak for the alien cocktails.

So in a nutshell the list comprises of tea to infinity ... there is no better drink than tea.

Hope is a cup of tea and a cup of tea is hope.

If you think ooh you must do something for New Year then I still think gentle determination going forward is the best thing.I started the gym 2 weeks ago through a council scheme and whilst I haven’t been over Christmas I fully intend with gentle determination to do so over the next year.

Alot of my 2019 has been peppered by family issues and literally me being brought to my mental health knees and having to give up my job ( I was a teaching assistant for many years ) though through job /money cuts that was taken away from me.

But I’ve taken steps with gentle determination to give myself a much needed boost to my inner soul and heart.I have joined a choir and I’m helping at a local school as a volunteer teaching assistant.

It is a bimble through life and I like it I’m not all guns blazing and going for it like Butch Cassidy and the Sun dance kid.

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  1. I love tea too, I agree, forget those pouting princesses. If you have it in you though, why not learn to swim. It has literally saved my own and one other persons life. Good job on the gym, bet it is hard work. I am lazy, so doing the 30 days of yoga at home. Happy New Year x


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