Friday, 3 April 2020

I’m aware It’s Autism Awareness Week

It’s Autism awareness week or something like that ~ I’m Autistic I’m aware there job done but alas it would be a very short blog if I did that . 

“ Hurrah I hear you cry “

And there is nothing like a lockdown to pull you out the routine and thank the lucky black cats I have my humour to help me through.I have dogged determination and a need to do stuff now. I’m very chilled about this lockdown stuff and hats off to the wonderful NHS and key workers , well done everything and everyone. I’m solitary by nature but that’s just how I am.That’s not to say I don’t get struck down by sheer panic like I did the day of the Boris lockdown address I didn’t sleep a wink .But my husband on the other hand slept like a log grrrr but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

I fail at times to get jokes people tell me Miranda is funny but I just don’t see it and I would rather watch paint dry. I actually did watch paint dry as my husband painted a feature wall but now we need another tin of paint and you can’t get them at the minute.

Routine is out the window and it’s only essential trips out now either so yesterday was the prescription run.No actual running was taken oh no I walked briskly though stopping only to leap into hedges to maintain the 2 metre distance.

The picture s I took on way way to get my prescriptions before anyone gets their knickers in a twist.

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