Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Those Little Steps For your Mental Health

Now I will be brutally honest my mental health has not been the greatest at times and it isn't always linked to myself being autistic there are many other factors at play, depression is a complicated beast and can strike at anytime and lifting yourself out of it can be a herculean task i do have to say.
But do what you need to do to give yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.It is as they say unprecedented times and we all deal with stuff in our own way. I have had periods of depression strike and it was hard for me before I knew I was autistic as I just couldn't get a handle on how I was feeling or why.I was never a take of pills for depression and why well they just didn't suit me personally as I later found out due to me being autistic they messed with my autistic function.This will not be the same for everyone and if you want and need to take tablets then do then is nothing wrong or shameful in doing so.

What helps me is music I telly love classical music and repetition is key for me it is the equivalent of someone stroking my forehead in a soothing manner and is like cool breeze on the soul.I partucalry love Beethoven and also I love at the minute the music of Joshua Bell when je played the theme Ladies in Lavender.

What helps though sometimes it is a murky place is social media I can tweet and Facebook all I like with I have to say unambiguous statuses and someone will come along and offer wisdom and advice.I have to look for the innate light in the darkness and I have to cling onto any chink of light I can fight to find my way again.And given lockdown it has been a topsey Turvey time.

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