Wednesday, 15 July 2020

My Happy Cat Called Jack

I have a cat I used to have two but now we’ve just got Jack and he’s always just been there as the cat my son has grown up with.I am sure the cat called Jack is happy in his heart , Jack at times does look like some sort of tortured hipster artist or poet who is desperately seeking their muse .The aimlessly wondering in then meowing and the staring into the middle distance are the signs of a true artist as your best work is done when you just stare and it is never just aimless staring .

Then there is the cat food first it was the posh stuff hand blessed by Monks in the Le Loire valley ( this strictly may not be true ) , Jack soon went off the posh stuff just after we had bought a case of 72 pouches , I mean obviously Jack is a blossoming restaurant critic and is yearning after a Michelin star meal I suspect , and will utter four letted tirades if everything is not up to his high standards. But now Jack likes Tesco cat food that is gravy based and touch wood he seems to be holding firm on this , so should I stock up on this cat food.

Jack would be a life observation comedian to delivering startling truth observations on life but he wouldn't be deemed rude as he would be good old happy Jack ( tongue firmly in most on the happy part ).Jack announces himself in a room sometimes and you have to work out he precisely wants and it often turns into an Alan Carr gameshow style programs ( does anyone really actually watch the, , it is time that I can never get back )

And when you have a cat you really do pander to its needs from a day bed in the front door to leaving on Classic FM for it to making sure it has its Teddy bear for bed time .I say Bed time but this usually signals having to let the cat out the front door and 2 minutes later opening to let it back in again.

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