Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Appliances Of Doom 2020

 I think there is an almanac somewhere foretelling of the trauma my household appliances will behalf in 2020 as I am sure I have been cursed by the technology fairy I mean how else can you explain it all !Well it first started with the dishwasher that just up and died with no warning and on a Sunday roast day too I mean talk about rudeness ! SO a new dishwasher was ordered and well that in itself was fraught with trouble as they delivered the wrong one and then it took such a long time to get the correct one.

Drama over or SO we though for then the kettle decided to have a nervous breakdown and I had to order a new one and the new kettle is wonderful it is one of those old fashioned types but cordless and reminds you of the one that your Nan used to have.

But wait roll on a few lockdown pandemic months and low it acme to pass that the oven decided to blow up in a strop and so we had to go to the fish and chip shop that dad.And we had n oven for a few days we could have had it sooner but we didn't want to shell out the extra £5 to get it here sooner.

All was quiet in the house nothing stirred not even a mouse till the other day I decided to ue the tumble dryer ) sorry polar bears ) and wouldn't you know it the door fell off.SO we have had to order a new one , I am not saying I am cursed but I am now whispering sweet nothings to my washing machine and fridge freezer and I think my husband is starting to have a complex not only over this but all the appliances going BOOOM BOOM BOOM .

PS I also managed to run over the cable of the vacuum and shredded  the outer cable .... 

SO if you need me I will be weeping in a corner !

Have you had worse luck than me with appliances of late ?

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