Monday, 11 October 2021

Champneys Forest De Mere Review

I was lucky enough to win an over night Spa break to Champneys Forest De Mere as normally such trips would be a little behind my control but win it I did as I was so glad of it after the hellish time we have all had .And while Covid is never going to go away and we have to learn to live with it.Clawing it back how we used to live our lives it truly is a remedy for the soul. I will start with the negative and just get it out the way, I was disappointed that the thalassotherapy out of action as for only £10 that is a water treatment that is pure heaven and not to be missed. Also there was a few other things shut but nothing major and certainly nothing to really impact your stay other than the  thalassotherapy the only other diapoitnemt was that the lift was out of order and there was no pre warning of this unlike the thalsostherpay being out of order. I think like many a business and obviously having been shut during the pandemic there is the approach of hope then repair then ongoing maintenance. Other areas however were well maintained and I had no problem feeling that that Covid cleaning routines were top notch in fact they are one of the best I have seen in businesses and that gives me the confidence in recommending them as a brand.

The Spa

Great facilities and very relaxing and you can do as little or as much as you like you are as they say master of your own destiny and you could even discover something you thought you might not like. The spa is very relaxing and you Do get the problem with people saving a lounger with there towel but I say just remover it if they have not returned in an hour. I would like to see someone keeping the poolside a little more free for water ( yes ) I know it is a swimming pool ) but I am king to walk like Bambi on ice when walking round it. Great experience rooms especially the steam room, ice cave and rain shower combo. One of rain shower combos was stuck on one program but I suspect if someone switched it on and off again it would be fine !

The Room

The room was superb and loved that it was out the ground floor and it opened out onto a little area where you could sit at a table and chair and in summer I think this would be the bees knees. There was the odd cobweb but nothing too drastic and some of the led lighting needed putting back up but nothing drastic unless you're a complete diva.


I cannot fault the level of service at the restaurant and this was where I feel the most staff were focused as the service and covid cleaning regimes were top notch.the food is well balanced and enough you're there for a real and to be healthy you're not there for an all you can eat buffet. Breakfast however was a continental affair and there is a surcharge if you want something cook but if you did want to pay it really is not going to break the bank. The chicken Cesar salad was a little weird in using chicken tikka instead of plain chicken but it was still nice once you got used to it. Perhaps if they used a different sauce then they would be onto sure fire winner with a new type of Cesar salad.

 And of course the company was excellent ( I have told been told to say this ! ) and I am so very glad that I had a great and loyal travelling companion . Alas this time there was no gangsters in our visits but we can jolly well write a book on our collective experiences . I am very grateful to Jane for allowing to stay at Chez Willis prior to our Spa adventure.

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  1. *cough* and the company? I hear the company was excellent, especially your travelling companion.


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