Thursday, 14 October 2021

NO I haven't seen Squid Game

 I have no idea what is trendy or what is not trendy and can you even say trendy now , or is it the world sic ? no idea , I think of myself as pretty much up to speed over stuff but somehow allude me such as being able to open a tin or Cornbeef .I know there is a popular new program called Squid Game out which seems  all the rage, I think #SquidGame I would do rather well at after all I was at school in the 70's and 80's 90's .Butt the thing that really foxed me today was an emoji of a red flag 🚩and I was foxed as to why it was on twitter posts and it was seems it is a Tin Tok craze that has spread to Twitter to indicate something that is not false . Well that is what I gather from the meme dictionary for the explanation of this issue 

The youth of today know nothing of the struggles of loading a Spectrum 48 K game that my friend is a true life experience and I bet you won't see that on Squid Game either. Neither has the youth of today had to do PE in their pants and vest at Primary school if they happen to forget their PE.

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