Friday 28 January 2022

Walking And Photography

I love walking and I love Photography and it doesn’t matter where I’m walking I’m forever snapping away .The other week I need a circular walk from Tutbury to Rolleston On Dove and back and it’s a joy to see the sleepy beauty of these Villages.

Walking is good for the soul and it is my outdoor gym and I am walking more and more of late sometimes with my in laws and their fabulous dog Murphy.Once you're on a walk you have to propel yourself forward and their is always something to capture your day and we don't use these footpaths then they will be lost to us forever, so please do get out there and discover your local footpaths.

And all the better if the walk includes a pub on the way to refresh yourself , you can buy pub walk books from a your local good books shop ( they always say a good book shop on TV never a bad one ! )