Wednesday 6 July 2022

Preparing To Dog Sit Some Tips

 Next week Myself and my husband will be looking after my in laws dog Murphy who is a very loveable black Labrador with a white tip to his tail hence his name Murphy. Now I am very much a cat lover and I just don't do dogs but Murphy is ph so different he is just a lumbering hulk of a a teddy bear dog with soulful eyes and inquisitive Labrador which is very much what a Labrador is. It does feel like preparing for a baby all be it one with 4 paws ! I have a couple of toys ready for him well if you can't read your relatives once in a while when can you ! Here are my tips to preparing for dog sitting ! 

1.Always meet the dog before hand , it helps the dog feel more comfortable when their owner leaves the,. Luckily we have met Murphy on many a occasion and I always save a chip for him when we finish our walk with the inlays at the pub !

2. Know much much the dog will want to play and plan , I will have to get my walking shoes on as Murphy does love to play and walk !

3.Make sure you know where everything is prior to your walk from the lead , to the obligatory ball and of course those all essential poo bags.

4. If it's family then they might pay you if it's long term and you're stopping there doing them a favour but if its a one off then a paying is not really necessary.Helping family and friends out really does make the world go round and make it a kinder place.

5. We are planning on walking Murphy twice till one of my nieces comes and takes over to look after Murphy , we didn't want to leave Murphy too much on his own .

6. Make sure you talk to the dog and give them a fuss , they love this and are very receptive to people.

7. We know which is the local vets of Murphy jsut in case there is any problems which we don't anticipate there will be but it pays to be prepared.

How to dog sit for a friend a sum up.

  • Get to know the dog before your relative/friend/colleague leaves.
  • Make sure you have their contact information and the vet’s phone number.
  • Learn the dog’s schedule and stick to it.
  • Find out where the supplies are and that does include treats !
  • Expect to spend at least 30 minutes twice a day.
  • Make sure to give the dog attention and love while you’re there.