Wednesday 17 August 2022

Ideal Toys For a Labrador

You will have seen that recently myself and my husband dog sat for my inlaws and it was such fun but you know how it is you not like to visit friends empty handed . We didn't want to turn up and not have any gifts for Murphy so very kindly we were sent a few toys for Murphy to play with whilst wee were looking after him. Keeping toys fit and active is very important to their health and wellbeing and a happy dog is a content dog.

Murphy was thrilled with his toys , Labradors  are a very very enthusiastic breed and love to play and are always into your business as they don't like to miss out.Labradors are very loyal though some say they are particularly loyal if you are holding some sold of food ! Murphy absolutely loved his floating ball and this is a bonus as Labradors adore water . You can find this Floating ball priced at only £9.99 from Petlove on Amazon and it is a worthwhile investment as it it tough as old boots or even tougher than that even! The other Extreme toy came from Nylabone and they have an extensive range you can choose from .

I have to say even though I am not a dog owner myself , I was super impressed with the quality of both the toys and would happily buy from them as a special gift for Murphy and there doesn't have to be a special occasion to treat him. And even the price of inflation this toys are a worthwhile investment as they will last and last giving you more money in your pocket to of course treat your dog !

Murphy was sent these toy and his opinions are his own