Saturday, 31 December 2011

So long 2011 onto 2012

I may exhibit middle class values or traits but you don't know is I keep my personal family issues at bay normally.

My family has issues that would indeed keep the EastEnders script writers going forever. I am the product of a broken & violent home yes.

Do I have mother and father issues yes.

Do I appear apathetic sometimes? yes and people just don't get me.

Do I give a monkeys ? Well actually I do as I am sensitive but for 2012 I am getting a back bone and being less sensitive.

Is it right to document my family woes? Not so sure on that one , yes you would be crying your eyes out but at what cost?

So for 2012 I will concentrate on me, my family (the three of us) and my blog.


  1. Hmm it's always a toughie. How much do you reveal about yourself and your life in the past versus your life and your family now. After all, your past very much explains your now. I reveal how I feel on my blog but avoid, in the main, the specifics of why. My journey has taken me to a point now where I am cool with my past. I can see it was about them and not about me. But it's taken 39 years to get here and I still wouldn't be here if it wasn't for an awesome guy called Trevor.
    You blog what you feel is right for you. If you need to talk through stuff on here to make sense, do it. I have discovered it helps your readers to realise they are not alone sometimes
    Best of luck for 2012. Look forward to chatting more

  2. Good luck with your blog in 2012! I have revealed some personal stuff on my blog (I find it therapeutic, and I like to share ;) ) but I am always very aware that it is a blog, not a memoir, and I ask myself how my family would feel if they were to read my posts (none of them do, as far as I am aware). It is a tough one. Like The Moiderer says, blog about what you feel is right for you.



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