Monday, 25 January 2021

How I Came To Be Diagnosed as Autistic

How did I come to diagnosed as Autistic ? I mean I did not happen to pop into into my shopping basket one day as a 2 for 1 off or find in in the bargain bin with a CD of a long singer long past their Christmas prime.It was a gradual lighbulb moment like a cartoon symbol appearing over your head and it helped in my previous existence I was a special needs teaching assistant working hosting with Autistic children who had an infinity with me.

I was tripping to the doctors with various things thinking something in me didn't quite fit and at one stage a doctor did ask if I heard voices and it was at this stage I felt like turning round looking over my should and say

"We don't hear voices do we now people "

I was the free range child the one running about and climbing trees and jumping out of windows , I have to add these were ground floor windows.

I think I was very much the child who was like Wednesday Adams from the Adams family except I had bobbed hair fashioned by the hairdressers from hell.And I never really like my hair as it went in only 3 styles but in time I have learnt to like it for it is part of me and I won’t  be bent to the whim of anyone

I was sort of repellent to friends unless they were boys and I got on so much better with them .

I struggled with school work though despite being capable in thought , it was the committing those ideas to paper that was the chore . I always had on reports 

“ Claire asks very searching questions “

I could not at all get maths it is and still is like voodoo for me .

It’s is culmination of life events abs indeed working as a SEN teaching assistant that prompted me to see what that nagging issue was in my life .I’m the lost generation of Autistic women from the 70,80 90 s as everyone thought Autism just affected boys ,but we now know that isn’t true .

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