Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Sun will come out tommorow....a Soda Stream review

I know what you are thinking "Oh Gawd not another Soda Stream review " but wait a minute mine is different. I shall tell you why as a child there was only two things I wanted in life a soda stream and wait for it a Annie doll.

Annie Doll

My childhood dream and do you know what I still want one now, part of us I think always hangs onto our childhood. My other dream , yes you've guessed it a soda stream but for me its just not about reviewing it it the completion of a childhood dream.

This was the first task inserting the gas cylinder which was very simple to do.
My other dream look :)

Next was filling the reusable bottle up  with water .

After which you screwed it onto the soda stream this for me took a little doing but I soon got the hang of it.

Press the button till you hear a little as i say PRR Prr sound  do this three times , pausing between presses. You can do an extra PRR Prr if you want it extra fizzy. Unscrew the bottle very slowly and add your cordial . I must stress please tip the bottle( at a slight angle)  while doing this otherwise it is like Krakatoa exploding everywhere. Screw the top back on and shake very gently!!!

Here is Rollie ready to help with adding the cordial.

Rollie is pictured with the lime cordial as ever Rollie is always really happy to help.

So after adding the cordial this was the result. Screw the top back on and shake very gently!!!

In this photo you will see how lovely bubbly it looks!

And of course the finished article poured into a glass.

I liked most flavours that are available the brilliant thing is there are samples flavours to buy so you can see which ones that you do really like. My son was most pleased about the cola flavour one and I shall be buying that one.

The sodastream I was sent retails at £59.99 and I was estatic about it. Please take the time to read the facts on their website about how many bottles you will save in your lifetime.

I think it would be useful to buy another bottle as it comes with only one. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did doing it. I hope you can achieve your long lost childhood dream.


  1. This is a really interesting and detailed review and you make it sound easy and simple to use.

  2. My family had a soda stream maker when I was a child,I might have to get one of these for my kids(and me)
    Did you ever get your Annie doll? I'll keep an eye out on Ebay for you.
    Annie was one of the first films I saw at the cinema as a child,my daughters love it as much as I did.I saw a remake recently with Kathy Bates as Miss Hannigan,not as good as the original in my opinion.Apparently Will Smith is in talks about starring in a new version along with Emma Thompson.

  3. I always wanted one as a kid too, my mum would never allow it.

    Now I'm the cool mum, we've got one!!! I love it :0)


  4. I haven't got an Annie doll yet!!!

  5. great review, and Rollie as always looking cute .
    I was lucky to win a soda stream on twitter a few months back. I use it everyday, well a bottle made up usually lasts me 2 days, I love the soda taste. x @RedRoses4

  6. Danielle Carter2 July 2011 at 21:21

    I used to have one of these when i was younger, i absolutely LOVED it!! so much so that if i was naughty my mum and dad would "confiscate" it lol, great review xx

  7. It takes me back to my childhood. I had a soda stream and loved it. They used to have a lovely cream soda flavour. If i was lucky to win one I will definitely put it to good use.

    P.s. You have a clever cat there!

  8. If we had a sodastream I'd kidnap Rollie - he's such a multi-tallented moggie!

  9. LOL I'm always amazed at your "action shots" of Rollie ! I always thought cats were far too narky to play along with things like that !

    We love our Sodastream too, the girls call the noises farts and still have fits of giggles every time. Buying bottles at the supermarket was never so much fun !! We're still drinking the passionfruit one they did for the royal wedding - it's gorgeous :)

  10. I remember my parents using a soda stream when I was young. I didn't realise they still did them - will have to look at getting one.

  11. dont tell anyone this but ....
    i still have the soda stream maker that we had when i was a kid !!!

    yeah yeah i know we were posh lol :)

  12. Seriously considering getting one - thanks for the info. Had been a bit puzzled about which model to go for. One tip....don't do as my mother did and decide it's not fizzy enough once cordial's been added - that really is explosive!

  13. looks really good, remember these from first time round

  14. My folks had one from an auction and we loved it, may see if I can persuade them to get me one for Christmas as my daughter would go crazy. Great review

  15. Annie?!? :D

    I was wondering about getting one of these - didn't know you could get samples - that's good. was wondering how it would work out economically to buy one and if it's cheaper than buying branded fizzy drinks overall.


  16. I really want an annie doll now after reading that, Rollie looked just the part..he is so cute! @cheryl7003

  17. Thanks for the review - I keep seeing adverts for this on TV but was after a real review before making the decision about buying one! It looks so bubbly, it's amazing! And Rollie is clearly a very helpful cat!


  18. I would love a soda stream !

    I should really buy one as i spend a fortune on fizzy drinks for my 2 son's !

    Which flavour does Rollie like ? Maybe it's creamsoda lol

    @CHOCOAJ x

  19. My 10yr old son keeps asking me for a sodastream.
    They look good but are a little expensive.

    Infact its on his xmas list...... which my children were writing out yesterday!!!

    We will have to see if santa delivers one on xmas day.


  20. Thanks for such a fab review it really inspired me. Like you it's as much about fulfilling the childhood dream as I never had one but always yearned for it. Will keep trying to win one but might have to resort to buying one haha x

  21. Love this, excellent! :) x

  22. Hi,Just wanted to let you know they have an Annie doll on ebay for £49.99.


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