Monday, 7 May 2012

Bringing education alive

I love this book it is so magical so many can be bought to life with this book it is unbelievable. I use this with the  autistic children I work with in their SEN sessions and it is brilliant.

The family  are going on a Bear Hunt full of bravado and over flowing with confidence!

"We are going on a Bear Hunt,
We're going to Catch a big one
What a Beautiful day !
We're not scared !"

We are going on a Bear Hunt by playing in the mud in our wellies
Playing in the mud.
(a Copyright free image from Clare Bloomfield)

 The repartition is wonderful repetition of the "We can't go over it. / We can't go under it. / Oh no! / We've got to go through it" kind, and frequent onomatopoeia ("Swishy Swashy … Splash Splosh … Hoooo Woooo") will maintain interest for even the youngest of listeners. And the poetic language en thralls even the youngest of readers its pure delight.
and also how it encourages the preposition of language ie "We can't go under it"

 The ability to be able adapt your surroundings this to this book are  only limited by your imaginations from having a bear cave play corner to going through  some " Swish Swashy ' long grass.

To going outside when its wet and going through the mud " Suelch Squerch"

To even making  a Bear with two "googly eyes" and a "Wet shiny nose "

Your only limit is your imagination or your childs with is unlimited of course !

And as such with a book like this you can link it to perhaps an activity that you  child is not so keen on. Why not take the activity out and make a bear den?

den , outdoor learning,
Make a den outisde

You can even reenact the book as you go! So why not for instance plant some ' Swishy Swashy long grass ' or if its muddy out on some wellingtons and go "Suelch squerch " in the mud. And if its not muddy then why that's no excuse just get a large study box some compost and pour some water in. making sure you support the child whilst doing these activities . Always , always with SEN children talk about what you are doing, you no doubt will have to say the same thing over and over again but it will get through I promise you.

So basically what I am saying is link the activity say numeracy to their favourite book or subject in my instance this is " We are going on a Bear Hunt" . This is what I shall be doing this week outside if the weather is good and inside if not. I shall be linking this book to a Literacy activity.

So go and try something new and see what fun you can have.


  1. There are some great ideas there :)

  2. All of my children have enjoyed the Bear Hunt book. It is right up there as a favourite along with The Gruffalo. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids, looks like a great bear hunting wood you have there!

  3. Fabulous ideas here, and the best bit is that they are fun for us as well as the sproglets. Thanks for linking to Parentonomy this week.

  4. we love that book too and we often sing it when we are going on our adventures through mud, grass, wind, and even really deep puddles, last week!

  5. This is such a great post - I'm delighted you could link it twice! Now I wonder whether you'll be going on a bear hunt next week?

  6. This is a staple of every infant school isn't it? My mum bought The Boy a beautiful copy last Christmas which he is probably now old enough to enjoy, and then (the best bit) is that we can pretend to go on a bear hunt ourselves!

    Popping over from Parentonomy


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