Monday, 21 May 2012

Three chickens and a bra and a teenager

My week has been quite, quite bizarre. Last Friday I was a chicken pooper scooper  , a chicken came to visit my school not on its own of course but with its owner. Any way as I entered the classroom it left a little message, so I go as directed to clean it up however armed with mop, bucket and carpet cleaner. However after cleaning that up I heard it had repeated its shame in another classroom so off I go to repeating the cleaning procedure.

Whilst on my way to return all the cleaning items I popped into the last classroom and said

" I was just wondering if the chicken had left a little present "

The chicken at this point was being held by its owner and turned to be a looking at me with only as a chicken can look with a beady eye. It left a little message > SIGH<

So that was part of my Friday afternoon then came Sunday ......

After going to the quintessential game of  village cricket to watch my son play we came home. My son left his mobile on the side, I picked it up and saw the post interesting of wallpapers. It was SHOCK HORROR a lady in her bra and knickers >>>> FAINT

I said " What's this doing on your phone  then ?"

>>Stunned Silence<<<

"I am waiting " I said my voice gilded with parental concern ...

"Well I am 13!" he replied.

" I am 13 just doesn't cut it mate" I said shaking my head.

I then launched into we don't save things we see like that on our phones as wall papers. And we certainly don't get tagged or like such images as we don't know where they have come from. ( I was at this point wearing my safe guarding children hat )

 I fear  in some way I may be to blame or its one hell of a coincidence as when I came back from Cybher I left my bra catalogues all around the house.

So its is rather funny but it is also slightly worrying as well it might be boys will be boys but guidance is still needed at this age.


  1. oops, I don't know how I will handle this when my boys become older. As for the chicken poor ew. x

  2. lolol i suppose it's normal & natural. as is chicken poo. could have been worse, she could have been naked!

  3. Ooops! Deary deary me! I bet he was mortified when he realised that you had seen it ;-)

  4. Hahaha! Bless him, from a bra catalogue. If that's all he's looking at when he's 13 it could be a lot worse, poor thing!


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