Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Humour tickling your fancy.

Humour what tickles your fancy  nether regions what gets you going ?

Weeping to you say NO NO more ?

Is it funny cat pictures ?

Is it endless pictures of only  a face a mother would love cute babies with bowls of spaghetti on their heads ?

Humour is either individual or collective ....

So go on what floats your boat I promise to laugh .... maybe .

1 comment:

  1. I like unexpected humour. The odd comment thrown out about something that just happens to catch your funny bone.
    I'm not a lover of 'in your face' humour like Gervais or Miranda (can't stand either of them) but sit me in front of Mrs Browns Boys and I'm away with the box of tissues and the tena lady!!
    I'll tell you a story about my may find it funny being a teacher!!
    I used to help out at school and this included attending assembly. This particular day my son was sat in the front row. The headmistress was stood almost infront of him giving her daily sermon and Carl was sat there stroking the fur bow on her shoes. She was oblivious..however his class teacher could see him and was trying hard to stifle her giggles. She eventually coughed and ran out of the hall. Another teacher and myself were near the door and went out after her..We found her sitting on the corrider floor barely able to control the fits of laughter. When she calmed down she told me what Carl was doing and I burst out laughing too.
    He was about 9 at the time and when he left to go to the 'Comp' there was a big party at school and the teacher had to relate a story about some of children with names picked from a hat.
    She chose Carl's name and relayed this was lovely to see the headmistress with tears rolling down her face as she had no clue on the day it happened!


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